Mono-Blue Merfolk is still competitive over Simic for two good reasons: it dodges Blood Moon, and it has a good Burn match up. Burn has been rising in numbers, filling up top 8’s and winning several events. What is the best way to beat Burn? Master of Waves! This 4-mana creature instantly stabilizes vs Burn and threatens to win the game next turn. What happened to Master of Waves? Why is he back? Upon the printing of Modern Horizons, Plague Engineer saw play as a 4x card; terrible for Master of Waves. Since then, lists that would play Plague Engineer have run him as a 1- or 2-of, making the Master less vulnerable. With more Burn decks, and less Plagues, the MASTER is back!


Round 1 vs. Elves

Round 2 vs. Bant Stoneblade

Round 3 vs. Mono-Blue Tron

Round 4 vs. Mono-Red Prowess

Round 5 vs. Grixis Death’s Shadow

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3 Responses

  1. Jim Hopkins

    Some number of Veil of Summer in the SB could work in Simic if the local meta is Plague Engineer-heavy.

    • Nikachu

      Assuming you mean Veil of Summer protects my creatures from removal spells, yes. But it doesn’t protect me from specifically Plague Engineer 😛


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