The new format brought by War of the Spark created new hostile interactions. The new Neoform deck can win on turn 1-2. Karn, the Great Creator can lock you out of the game with Mycosynth Lattice or grab Ensnaring Bridge from the sideboard. Worse yet, so many decks can jam Karn: Tron, Mono Red Prison, Eldrazi Tron, Whir, and more. The new Teferi, Time Raveller makes counterspells obsolete. How can Merfolk adapt? Watch Nikachu beat today’s metagame with Merfolk adopting Faerie Conclave, Boomerang, Thassa, and Phyrexian Revoker to beat the threats of today. Unlike most Modern decks, Merfolk can and will adjust to any metagame!


Round 1 vs. Neoform

Round 2 vs. Saheeli Evolution

Round 3 vs. Tron

Round 4 vs. Saheeli Evolution

Round 5 vs. UW Control

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