We’re taking a look at 3 different Mono-Blue Merfolk lists today, 2 in Modern, plus a budget Legacy deck. Enjoy!

Modern Merfolk with 4x Vapor Snag

We return to Vapor Snag as a cheap and painless way to interact with Mono Red Phoenix and Izzet Phoenix decks that are taking over Modern.

Troll Merfolk ft: Pongify, Skaab Ruinator, and Wake Thrasher. A Tier 0 Deck!

Today my Patreon Discord community helped build this wonderful Merfolk deck with oddball cards everyone has been waiting to see play in Modern. Time to Ruinator people’s day!

Budget Legacy Merfolk. Play Legacy for $100!

Want to play Legacy? Start with this $100 budget Legacy Merfolk deck! Wallet friendly!

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