In a format where we keep banning cards for being too powerful, why not limit their consistency to reduce their power?  Enter 2x Modern. How strong is Blazing Shoal, Punishing Fire, or Deathrite Shaman if you are limited to 2x copies per card? 2x copies means you don’t need to own 4x copies of cards and have to dig into other substitutes to fill in your 75. I playtest some games against TheWillHallExp and Skyespider to show what Merfolk, Infect, and Jund, and Humans look like in this fan-made format.

Merfolk vs Blazing Shoal Infect

Merfolk vs Punishing Fire Jund

-1 Castle Vantress, +1 Snow-Covered Island


-1 Hurkyl’s Recall, +1 Mental Misstep

Merfolk vs Humans and Mono White Devotion


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