This week on Pauper Ponderings, Austen tries his hand at a deck built around creatures that can’t even attack. There is no way he wins even 1 Modern Masters pack…is there?

RG Defenders by /u/Ecob16





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  1. alex

    Good ol’ defender.dec. That’s a rough one in this metagame. I think you’d be better served running the u/g/x version that is capable of going infinite mana and a big spell to the face. The problem I find with straight ramp defender decks is that you have no real board presence in the early game. By the time the deck gets a threat on the board it’s often too late. In a u/g combo control shell you have a few more options to stall the early game until you can go infinite and win. Even then, it’s not the most consistent combo deck in the format. Props for trying a unique take on defenders. Defender decks are pretty tough to play, but, I think not taking advantage of Drift of Phantasms is going to make it a lot more difficult, as it puts in a lot of work for defender decks.

    • Austen Hoey

      Yeah, you may be right, I was doing some powerful stuff but as is all RG midrange decks, you are victim to the top of your deck a lot of the time


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