St Patrick’s day FNM went as expected

Green Mana Surges Across the Multiverse This Weekend

As the first St Patrick’s day since the end of the pandemic fell on a Friday, pubs and game stores alike braced for a busy night. The crucial two-hour window between happy hour and the start of an FNM event is a road fraught with danger, according to a local Aisling Leprechaun. “It’s a rainbow of sorts, I suppose, and there’s treasure at the end, but she’s a slippery one. It started out innocent enougha four leaf clover or a shamrock on a card sleeveand next thing you know they were putting Unfinity stickers on Reserved List cards!”  When questioned about his Reserved List status, the leprechaun provided a fake ID and fled the scene.

Breathalyzers were shipped to any LGS within stumbling distance of a drinking establishment, and extra security recommended for those along a St. Patrick’s Day Parade route. While no major incidents have yet to be reported, green leylines are experiencing a surge in healing-related mana requests.

May The Luck of the Irish smile upon youand if not, you may as well Scoop it up!

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