Infinite Mill Combo Modern Merfolk Deck

Today we play Modern Merfolk Mill! Thanks to Cloudstone Curio and Merrow Reejerey we can draw infinite cards, get infinite mana (if there are 2 Reejereys) and mill the opponent to death with Merrow Witsniper. This is how Merfolk Mill is really done!


Simic Merfolk SMASHES Hogaak.

Fish Aren’t Afraid!

Today we look at the 5-0 league replay from the list that my Simic Merfolk deck published. Simc Merfolk might be the fastest deck in Modern with game ending disruption; utilizing Force of Negation, Chalice of the Void, and Collector Ouphe. Watch as this rising star in Modern takes head on the current boogeyman of the format: Hogaak. Merfolk is rising back again!

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