Scale Up Your Merfolk! Draw TONS of cards! MTG Modern Gameplay

Have you ever tried to draw 6 cards with Cold-Eyed Selkie with Scale Up? Well now you can! Scale up is also a way to kill your opponent OUT OF NOWHERE! Normally Merfolk cannot deal a large amount of damage with a few creatures on the table, Scale Up gives Merfolk a fighting chance no matter how big their board presence is. Watch how this Simic Merfolk deck puts pressure on Modern’s top decks!

Simic Merfolk DELIVERS THE BEATS | Modern Deck Tech and Magic Online Gameplay

We are beating down the competition with my latest list Simic Merfolk list. Kumena’s Speaker comes at a cost of splashing green, but it is the strongest one-drop Merfolk in Modern. Additional lords at 2-CMC like Merfolk Mistbinder increase the chance of early pressure against all of Modern’s hostile decks. Today there is more urgency to win as soon as possible than at any time before in the Modern format. Watch the games to see the difference Speaker makes in the deck!

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