Nikachu goes back to his roots with Modern for this series of videos that he created for, The Mana Base, with special guest, Andrew (Day 2) Dryden.


Round 1 vs RG Valakut

Round 2 vs Eldrazi Tron

Round 3 vs Jeskai Nahiri

Round 4 vs Mono Blue Tron

Round 5 vs Bring to Light Scapeshift


Modern Merfolk by Nikachu


2 Responses

  1. Marce


    How would you face a metagame full of URX decks. Where lightning bolt and lightning helix are 4-of in 80% of the decks. I have been having troubles lately with this and i’m failing to race/stand against those decks, even with 2 main deck kiras.

    Love your channel and your content! Keep up the awesome work!

    May Thassa be with you!

    • Jonathon Zaczek

      Hi, Marce!
      You might need to pack Dispels in the sideboard. However, what type of decks are we talking about? Control decks? Midrange “Geist of St.Traft” type of decks? Delver decks? Jeskai Aggro? Each need to be approached differently, though Kira is usually good vs all of them.


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