Today we look at Modern Poorfolk, a budget Merfolk Modern deck. Then we’ll see how Cryptic Command does in Modern, followed by a little Standard Mono-Blue Tempo in MTG Arena!

Budget Modern Merfolk for $100!

Play Modern today with this budget Merfolk list that costs $100. The deck is competitive at a casual level like at FNM, friendly league on Magic Online, or with your friends. The deck is perfectly upgradable over time! Get into Modern with Modern Poorfolk today!

Cryptic Command in Modern Merfolk. Can it Work?

Today we explore Cryptic Command in Modern Merfolk. Cryptic Command can act like Spreading Seas by clearing the way for our attackers. The bounce mode lets us beat Ensnaring Bridge and the counter mode gives us extra counter spells.

Mono-Blue Tempo – MTG Arena Standard Gameplay

Let’s continue to play the best deck in Standard: Mono-Blue Tempo in MTG Arena!

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