Legacy, Modern and trolls — Oh, my!

Merfolk in Legacy WITHOUT True-Name Nemesis or Chalice of the Void!

Legacy Merfolk is perfectly playable, but do you need True-Name Nemesis and Chalice of the Void? Chalice of the Void is very hit or miss in legacy; a wasted slot if it doesn’t interact with the opponent. True-Name Nemesis is either slow or killed by the wealth of removal spells that exist in Legacy.

Cryptic is Still Commanding in Modern Merfolk!

Nikachu continues to work on Cryptic Command in Modern Merfolk. The card has a lot of promise vs the top decks. It’s an extra counterspell vs combo and control, a way to clear the way vs creature decks, and just general card advantage.

Troll Merfolk Ft: Psionic Blast and Mutagenic Growth. Magic Online Gameplay

Today we explore new cards for our trolling Modern Merfolk list. Psionic Blast can still kill most of the important creatures like Thing in the Ice and Crackling Drake while pushing the extra points of damage to win the game. Mutagenic Growth will help us win in combat and also push extra points of damage in situations our opponent isn’t suspecting it.


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Merfolk in Competitive REL!

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