Simic Merfolk has enjoyed a new addition to their toolbox: Oko, Thief of Crowns. Thanks to Oko, Burn is no longer a bad matchup for the Simic Merfolk deck that takes a lot of damage from their lands. Oko gives the deck a lot of grind vs Death’s Shadow, Jund, and Control. Stoneforge Mystic is basically dead on arrival because all the equipment can be turned into Elks! Sword of Fire and Ice might give the equipped creature protection from blue, but not the Sword itself. Watch the impact of Oko in Simic Merfolk.


Round 1 vs. Grixis Death’s Shadow


Round 2 vs. Whirza


Round 3 vs. Bant Control

Round 4 vs. Grixis Death’s Shadow


Round 5 vs. Urza Paradox

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