For years Modern Merfolk longed for a planeswalker that would be playable with Merfolk’s strategy and answer the problems Merfolk needed solving. With the release of Throne of Eldraine, Modern Merfolk has access to Oko, Thief of Crowns. This is perfect for the Simic Merfolk archetype by turning problematic creatures and artifacts into 3/3 Elks with no abilities! Goodbye Ensnaring Bridge. Goodbye Urza. Goodbye big Sword of Fire and Ice or Batterskull! Sometimes artifacts like Aether Vial become useless during the late portion of the game, so turn them in 3/3 Elks and attack! Watch how Oko helps Simic Merfolk beat attrition-based decks and how much trouble they have defeating him!

Round 1 vs. Urza Paradox!?

Round 2 vs. Dredge

Round 3 vs. Death’s Shadow

Round 4 vs. Jund

Round 4 vs. Death and Taxes

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