Modern has gotten incredibly fast. Hogaak has set the bar for the speed and now Izzet Phoenix, Dredge, Mono Red Phoenix, Urza Whir, and Burn are rising to keep up pace. How does Merfolk compete to keep up? Splashing green for Kumena’s Speaker and Merfolk Mistbinder! Both these cards add more power at a lower curve which enables a lot more turn-4 kills, or threatens turn-4 kills to distract our opponents. Splashing green also gives Merfolk access to Collector Ouphe, a card that defeats Merfolk’s most troublesome cards: Walking Ballista, Engineered Explosives, and everything in an Affinity deck.


Round 1 vs. Taking Turns


Round 2 vs. Blue Moon


Round 3 vs. Hogaak


Round 4 vs. Villainous Wealth


Round 5 vs. Jeskai Ascendancy

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