In a world where everyone is trying to win between turns 1-4, Gut Shot doesn’t cut it anymore. Silvergill, the staple that used to grind out the opponents in card advantage, has no place in Modern where you die with a million cards in hand. Silvergill’s 1 toughness makes it very difficult to attack into creatures or block opposing ones. Not to mention the 1 toughness is vulnerable to format staples such as Gut Shot, Lava Dart, or Wrenn and Six,. By removing Silvergill Adept we can add more one-drops: Benthic Biomancer. With a combined 8 one-drops, and 14 lords, the Merfolk deck is more aggressive than it has ever been!


Round 1 vs. Neoform

Round 2 vs. Whir

Round 3 vs. Hogaak

Round 4 vs. Burn

Round 5 vs. Hogaak

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