14-Lord Aggro Simic Merfolk Stomping on Modern

Are lords the way to go? Snow Control decks don’t let you win the lategame, it’s impossible to beat Uro’s value. Same goes against Eldrazi Tron, their creatures outclass us the longer the game goes on. Therefore, you have to win the early games! Play a 1 drop and follow it up with as many lords as possible!

Modern Simic Merfolk with 8 One-Drops. Get a Good Start!
If you want to have a turn 4 kill in Modern, it will start with a good 1 drop creature. This aggro version of merfolk plays 4x Benthic Biomancers and 4x Kumena’s Speakers. It’s the most aggressive version of Merfolk you can run, just watch out for removal. If the opponent kills your lords, you’ll be left with a bunch of tiny creatures.

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