Reserved List Cards to be Reprinted on the Blockchain

In an historic move, WotC has announced that in order to keep up with the latest technology and modern market pressures, it will be putting it’s Reserved List onto the blockchain through an innovative, multi-platform app. “It’s about time we move away from the volatility of a delicate cardboard standard, into the stable, and certain model of NFTs.”

Hasbro executives have assured that those with existing collections will be accommodated appropriately. “Should you own an outdated, cumbersome, physical copy of a Black Lotus, or any other Reserved List card, you will be able to mail it in to us and receive a wallet with a digital equivalent on our fool-proof blockchain system. This will preserve the spirit of the Reserved List, while allowing us to pivot into a more agile and TikTok focused brand.”

This brilliant innovation has been applauded by industry insiders such as Sam Bankman-Fried. In the quest to modernize over the next quarter, players can expect to be able fit a whole game of Legacy into a 30 second clip. And based on the resounding success of Fortnite, “we are looking into integrating iconic dances into our next Commander release, and are currently in focus groups with some big-name K-pop choreographers.” Microtransactions will also be available soon, and ads on the free-to-use version of the Reserved List will be skippable by performing said dances or burning a Reserved List card live on video.

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